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Welcome to the Macintosh Conservatory, a site devoted to preserving Macintosh abandonware games and key software.

As with the idea of the Mac Garden, abandonware is old software that has been discontinued by the publisher and is not sold or supported anymore.

This site is created in the spirit of the fallen Macintosh Garden. It is not meant to be an exact copy but merely a memorial with many of the archives from the site as well as a bit of the aesthetics.

Macintosh Conservatory is meant to be able to be displayed properly on any older internet browser, but most importantly those supported by Mac OS 7 and prior!


Disclaimer: Macintosh Conservatory claims no rights to any software here. To my knowledge these titles have been discontinued or made free by their respective publishers and are no longer supported or available for purchase through retail channels. If you know otherwise, please contact me and I will remove them immediately. Thanks.